Glencoe Base AWS (1200ft)
Glencoe Base AWS (1200ft) // Monday 22 January 2018

This page provides a basic summary of the past hour or past 24 hours weather conditions as recorded by Winterhighland's Automatic Weather Station located at Bottom Station of the Access Chair on Meall a' Bhuiridh at an elevation of 1200ft (366m).

Constant wind speed over numerous readings or persistent 0mph speed in cold temperatures is indicative of Anemometer Icing.

TimeHut TempAir TempDew PointRel Hum %Wet BulbWind SpeedWind (5 Minute)DirWind ChillAbsolute Air PressureSLPSnow Making?
23:08hrs22.0°c3.5°c1.4°c86 2.6°c3mph16 gust 30N-12.5°c952mb998mb
Snowmaking Unlikely or Impossible
23:03hrs21.9°c3.8°c1.7°c86 2.9°c20mph20 gust 37N-13.2°c952mb998mb
Snowmaking Unlikely or Impossible
22:58hrs21.9°c3.9°c1.8°c86 3.0°c8mph8 gust 19N-7.3°c952mb998mb
Snowmaking Unlikely or Impossible
22:53hrs21.9°c4.1°c1.8°c85 3.1°c7mph15 gust 36N-11.3°c952mb998mb
Snowmaking Unlikely or Impossible
22:48hrs21.9°c4.1°c1.8°c85 3.1°c19mph8 gust 23N-7.0°c952mb998mb
Snowmaking Unlikely or Impossible
22:43hrs22.0°c4.2°c1.9°c85 3.2°c1mph9 gust 23N-7.9°c952mb998mb
Snowmaking Unlikely or Impossible

The Snow Making 'Fan Gun' is a crude approximation based on Wet Bulb temperature as to whether various snow making system may have been able to make snow at that point in time at similar altitude to the AWS. Where Wetbulb Temperature is not available, the fan gun icon is based solely on air temperature, under almost all circumstances the wet bulb temperature will be colder than the air temperature.