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Weardale // Sunday 23rd March 2008
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Installed mid to late 70's and still going strong.

One of the guys here who makes thin look effortless. Unlike myself who took a couple of runs to get used to being back on long narrow old school skis having just done a week in Avoriaz short fat carvers.

When conditions are good this is how you get to do 800m long runs in the pennines. Only really gave access to boardable terrain today.

Home to the worlds smallest piste basher. Looks a bit austere from the North. Has a real sun trap of a terrace on the south.

One of the three open runs accessed from F1. The others were down the tow line to the right of the picture and further west (out of shot down the left side of the picture).

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:: Snow Cover
Limited Terrain Complete/Open.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Fleetering snow showers with sun shine, steady wind from the North.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Thin powdery snow on grass meant only a handful of runs were open. F1 tow ran all day giving access to 3 possible lines. F2 opened later in the morning but the upper slopes had had most of the snow cover blown off, leaving cover more suited to boarding rather than skiing.

Else where in the Pennines Yad Moss and Harwood had both run. Weardale (Swinehope) and Yad Moss ran on Monday. Cold conditions over night improved the snow conditions even if they were still very thin. Good to see new faces discovering the delights of Pennine skiing and boarding for the first time. It does get better than this.
:: Riders
30ish on Sun / 20ish on Mon
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