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Glencoe // Thursday 11th January 2018
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Looking good from top of the chair.

Top of Happy Valley.

Rime ice on Flypaper sign. (Closed)

Andy and Chris enjoying a last run down Etive Glades.

Rankins Return is a great addition.

Lower slopes have a good cover.

Late afternoon sun over Nevis.

Skier low down in Etive Glades. (Andy)

Upper Etive Glades.

Andy in Etive Glades.

Chris out wide in Etive Glades.

Summit Ridge in the afternoon sun.

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:: Snow Cover
Most Terrain has Good Cover.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
A beautiful cold winter's day to be out skiing with sunshine and hardly any wind. 3C at car park but still freezing at all levels on the hill with superb visibility.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
There is a good overall cover of snow on the whole mountain with all lower, middle and upper runs complete and open, apart from the Flypaper, with a mixture of skier and machine packed snow. Plenty of off piste options for tourers and the more adventurous. No appreciable snow loss since beginning of the week and now more runs have been prepared, marked out and opened. Rannoch Glades was excellent this afternoon and the pick of the day were the Etive Glades which are open from the top of Happy Valley to below and round the Wall with a lots of freshies to be had out wide and a pisted lower section round back to the Wall T-bar. Spring run is great fun with a good cover of snow but plenty of rock hazards and is unmarked and not patrolled. Happy Valley fast and smooth and narrows are complete with some rocks which are easily avoided. Main Basin great skiing on middle and upper sections with plenty of moguls forming, still have to cross over to Happy Valley as Haggis Trap still not skiable, just need a bit more snow with some drifting, on Sunday/Monday to fill the gullies in more and get Wall T-bar running. Lower runs all complete and skiable with plenty of options and scope for exploring out wide on the plateau. Rankin?s Return is a great addition to Glencoe giving long smooth piste back to chair from foot of the Spring Run. Some adventurous boarders still riding down Weasel track and blue access run until the snow runs out and hoofing it to the car park. Just waiting for the Snow making machine to build a big pile of snow and get it pushed up the track to meet the snow line. More of the same forecast tomorrow with just a little more wind. Photos to follow.
:: Riders
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