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Weardale // Sunday 5th February 2012
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Looks can be deceptive, on the way to the mid station. Fendrith Lodge just off centre of picture.

So far so good!

Near the bottom of F1.

Looking up to the day lodge from the East of F1 tow. F2 tow base station on left of picture.

About 1/4 way up or 3/4 way down.

Just above the steepening on the F2 east runs.

A bit thin on the steepening.

The classic Weardale what are the cover like picture.

View W over the mid and far west pistes.

Lower part of the ski area looking W over F1 pistes to head of the valley. Fendrith lodge to top right of picture. F1 base station to bottom right. Strangely enough F1 tow goes between them.

More of the same really.

Looking NW to F1 base station an Chapel Fell top. Sunny side runs top left to the broad gully running down the middle of the picture. Shot in Whitelines was taken somewhere in the top left sky line area of this picture.

Deceptive cover straight down the W of the tow line.

Fendrith Lodge looking up the F2 East pistes. Most people stayed to the left of the snow fencing.

Alfresco dining on the terrace - now thats Pennine.

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:: Snow Cover
Limited Terrain Complete/Open.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Cool and clear blue with high cloud coming in from the west and a bit of a breeze
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Alpine sky over Pennine snow. Another miss on the big snow fall front but enough fell to freshen everything up nicely. Enough snow to give four differnt lines off F1 (lower tow) and some adventurous(!) lines from F2 (upper tow) although the M1's cover was thin and rocky.

Three or four boarders went for a ramble round to the sunny side, most people did rounds of F1. The lack of a base and some tussocky steeps made F2 runs a bit more interesting. One or two people out in the wild west to the head of the valley but not really anything to find. Gully not in condition.

Being north facing kept temperatures low and made the most of the cover. By mid afternoon the F1 base station area had become a bit muddy and some shoveling was done to patch up.

200 people turned up acording to the club's snow report. Queues were never huge. Most people seemed to ski until early afternoon and numbers had dropped right back by 3pm.

Runs of the day:
F1 - East, tow top start. No one seemd to do the hutside of the fence start.
F1 - Mid west.
F1 - Far west.
:: Riders
Me and others
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