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Nevis Range - Sat 14th Apr 2018
Posted by: veletron at 11.24hrs on Mon 16th Apr 18

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:: Snow Cover
Most Terrain has Good Cover.
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Sunny to start, then cloud rolled in for a while covering tops. Cloud lifted to overcast with occasional sunny spells
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Spring Snow conditions. Goose got pretty chopped up, skiers left of T-Bar was actually better. Summit button had delayed opening due to electrical fault, came on about 11AM. Summit run least spring like and fastest snow. Warrans T-Bar (unusually) ran all day, runs either side were good, right hand side especially good. Winger wall was skiing well on soft spring snow, with the entrance moving ever skiers left as rocks were uncovered. Egress out via high line had max 2 mins walk, via low line 3 mins walk. Low line required use of Rob-Roy T-Bar to regain rob-roy traverse back to base station. Nid wall was another pick for steep snow, and the ability to take a higher traverse back to Yokies and to descend to Alpha rather that side step up to it. I lapped this via Alpha and Warrens several times. Lots of big cornices fenced off along the ridge, beyond these, the usual entrance into the backs was pretty benign, and vast number of options using Braveheart. Lapped this for a few hours too. Great day, perhaps my last of this season. Drone 360 of backs should give decent indication of cover: https: //goo.gl/maps/wJqZyXww9Xo
:: E-Mail Contact
nigelmwebber at gmail dot com

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