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Glenshee - Thu 12th Apr 2018
Posted by: Skicadets at 16.39hrs on Thu 12th Apr 18

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:: Snow Cover
Mostly Skiable - Some Areas Thin/Narrow
:: Surface Conditions (out of 5)
:: Weather Conditions
Bluebird, barely a cloud in the sky but some moving in mid afternoon.
:: Snow Conditions & Info
Snow started firm, though nice on the groomed surfaces especially the Grainian run in stark comparison to the Caenlochan and Meall Odhar which weren't too good today. Glad we got most of the best piste snow before the afternoon when it became a porridge like. Despite this the off piste was great throughout the whole day. Best runs were Glas Maol and the Grainian run first thing. A great day despite being stuck on the Cairnwell Chair for about 30mins as the hydraulic hose for the braking system came adrift so we had to wait while they fired up the back up engine
:: Riders

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