pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 5th March 2011
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White Lady glows in the setting Sun on Saturday evening.

H11lly heads for the M1 RaceTrack at Sundown, it loosened up in the evening sun.

Riding the M1 Poma at dusk to round off a great day.

A quiet and sunbathed Coire Cas around 5.15pm, Lady and M1 saw most evening traffic.

Bluebird skies above the White Lady. Firm refrozen spring snow with a layer of loose on top.

Carpark Run holding together to top Daylodge bridge, some thin bits and icy patches Sheiling area.

H11lly at the top of the Traverse / M1 RaceTrack.

Boarder heads up the M1 Poma early evening, Fiacaill Buttress in the distance.

Looking up the Traverse from the M1 RaceTrack split to the Ptarmigan Restaurant.

Coire Cas from the top of the Gunbarrel. Hard base with layer of looser snow which set up hard as the sun Set.

Small spring snow bumps starting to form in the Gunbarrel, still flat across.

Funicular about to vanish into the tunnel.

Top of the Ciste Fairway looking up the Ptarmigan Traverse. Great cover in the Top Basin, stayed firm Sat.

Something huge brewing in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park!

White Lady and M1 RaceTrack from the Fiacaill Ridge Poma.

Zig Zags in good condition for those wanting to avoid the Gunbarrel.

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An overnight frost firmed up the soft Spring Snow into refrozen granular snow, generally firm but quite grippy, but some slicker and harder areas.

For much of Saturday it was unbroken sunshine under a perfect blue sky, easily possible to dispense with the jacket for a fleece even as the Sun went down in the still air.

Carpark Tow, Cas Tow and M1 Poma stayed open till dusk at 6pm and under clear skies it was a beautiful afternoon and evening on the mountain, with a fantastic twilight.

The White Lady was groomed flat for the FIS race on Saturday which continues Sunday, when it opened it was firm, quick but grippy, though did get a bit scrapped at the top later on.

Mid and upper mountain main trails have a great base and are mostly in great shape. White Lady is wide with a deep base. M1 was at it's best late afternoon when it loosened up giving a great run down it, then out via Horizon Road and down the Gunbarrel which stayed softer than the Upper Cas. Watch out for a few rocks starting to poke through mid M1, best to exit left via Horizon Road.

Still skiable to the top Daylodge Bridge, to there the run is reasonable, but you wouldn't want to do the last 100yards or so of Burnside except on Rockhoppers! Heard word that the Piste crew would have a look at patching up the direct route on the Carpark Run to bypass Burnside with the colder weather forecast,

Overall good cover in most key areas. Surface conditions likely to vary through the day and with aspect and altitude - possible inversion conditions tonight may complicate things, so worth some exploring during Sunday to find the best surface conditions.
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