pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 22nd February 2011
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Coire Cas offering a good cruise on the groomers.

Nessie Rollers on the Fiacaill Traverse, as the slope steepens so do the rollers, beware!

Kicker in the Fiacaill Terrain Park, which also has another kicker and flat-down-flat rail.

Skier hits the pipe jib in the Fiacaill Terrain Park. People know when someone hits this!

Door to the SSC Hut, rebooting the webcam router wont be a 30s job!

Completely flat Gunbarrel between the M1 Poma and the Zig Zag link.

Lower White Lady absolutely loaded, carry on down Sheiling Gully for the full length (beware stream!).

Skier heads past the buried Funicular tunnel, there is a silly depth of snow in there!

Clag threatens to spill over but stayed away, looking out from Lady Luck to Fiacaill Buttress.

Looking over the Ptarmigan Bowl, huge kicker in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

OverYonder, Aonach Bowl and East Wall beyond from top of Daylodge Poma.

White Lady, M1 SideTrack and M1. Lady and M1 both great. Lady was being winched at dusk.

Looking up Coire Cas from a largely ignored expanse of windpacked snow skiers right of FRP.

Going up the Fiacaill Ridge Poma, good depth on the track.

Daylodge fences did their job in the Storm! Good pisted run with undulating terrain changes.

Skiers and sledgers in Slush Gully below the Carpark Tow - will it survive the thaw or will the stream win out!

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CairnGorm Mountain started Tuesday with perfect bluebird skies, later the clag to the South and West threatened to spill over the Cairngorm Plateau, but the mountain stayed clear and bright through the day.

Slightly milder conditions meant some softening lower down, but overall fantastic top to bottom riding by which ever route you choose.

The mountain was very busy (indeed ticket sales including sight seeing tickets on the Funicular were suspended). Mine was a sneaky few hours at the end of the day. Observation and creative thinking can get you more sliding and less queuing even on the busy days.

The FRP was pretty quiet in the afternoon and between it and the Carpark Tow was seeing no use but there was some nice turns on windpacked snow.

Another run with a bit more variety of the FRP is down the 2nd leg of the Zig Zags, cross the Gunbarrel, cross the M1 Poma, under the Funicular to take in the lower Lady and Sheiling Gully. But beware the burn in milder weather!

The DLP never had much of a queue and later in the afternoon when the majority using the WWP were hitting the Ciste Gully & E/Wall, the DLP and WWP allowed some pretty quick laps of the White Lady. Staying to the end earned some almost straight on runs on the M1 and Cas Tows.

Cas Gunbarrel, Lady, M1 SideTrack, Ciste Gully and No 1 Gully have loaded up hugely in the big storms. There is great riding for all abilities weather permitting. Some windy days due, check uplift situ in the mornings.

Remember to check the Public Reports for more photos and if you've been out sliding, please spare a moment to post a report. :)
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