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Glencoe // Wednesday 16th February 2011
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Plateau Poma and runs in great condition now. Wide cover at all levels.

The Haggis Trap has caught a lot of snow and now much wider on the entry and flatter.

Flat down rail on Happy Valley. Also a wide low flat novice box rail and a low narrow flat rail.

Wall offering good sport on softening skier packed snow. Might have a slight skin on it first thing.

The biggest queue of the day was a few folk in front on the Plateau Poma, everything else ski straight on,

Skier going up the Wall T-bar.

Putting some turns in somewhere on the Wall.

Going home... Just Typical.....

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Glencoe has caught a lot of fresh snow with it drifting into all the right places with good cover on all runs including the Plateau which is now well filled.

As well as the Plateau Poma Run and the Low Road you can get a gentle lap in via Old Mugs and then the Plateau Road back to the Poma. Wide cover to pick any line across the plateau.

Visibility and avalanche risk kept the Flypaper, Spring Run and Etive Glades out of play on Wednesday, but all will be assessed again in the morning.

Flat light and very poor visibility, but good underfoot conditions with sweet turns in the Main Basin and Happy Valley. Wall has slightly softening skier packed snow which made for great sure turns in the gloom, probably the pick of the day.

Milder and damper air than forecast this afternoon, so the clag hung around giving some softening of the snow pack on the mid mountain and plateau, so a slight skin might form overnight but should break down with use and pisting.

Apparently tomorrow should be brighter, certainly skies are clearing somewhat as dusk nears, but the forecast models keep saying clearer and the last two days it hasn't! However the great cover is there to be take advantage off. When thec clouds do part some folk are going to get some epic sliding in.
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