pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 13th March 2002
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Going up the Fiacaill T-bar.

Boarder on the Carpark Run.

Queue Jumping !!

Boarders on Lady Luck.

Skier preparing for action on the West Wall.

Excellent cover in the Top Basin.

Taking a breather at the top of OverYonder.

M2 in excellent shape, full width.

Boarder heads down OverYonder to the WWP.

The Top Station.

Isn't it boarders that are meant to sit around....

The Ptarmigan Restaurant from Ciste Fairway.

Looking across the Northern Corries from Lady Luck.

Funicular from Lady Luck.

Fiacaill Terrain Park.

Kickers in the Fiacaill Terrain Park, which one shall we hit?

Blue Sky on the Fairway, misty Ptarmigan Bowl!

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Conditions of nearly all runs has greatly improved thanks to the storms on Sunday and Monday.

There was some great sport on Wednesday with plenty of sunshine and just a few light snow showers, the forecast is for fairly settled conditions over the next few days and there should be little change in run conditions, so some excellent riding in prospect.

Photos by Alan M/Joe B for Winterhighland.
Pix from the Slopes for the 2002 Season
CairnGorm Mountain

The Lecht


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