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Glenshee // Thursday 7th March 2002
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A skier braves the Sunnyside Poma on route to Fionn Coire.

Looking to the upper bowl on Glas Maol.

Negotiating the narrow and patchy run from Butchart's back to the Cairnwell Tow.

Looking along the Bunny Run to Carn Aosda and Butchart's from the top of the Cairnwell Tow.

Buried fences and packed powder heaven in Fionn Coire, but some just refused to take their plank(s) up the Sunnyside Pomas!

View over the Fionn Pomas to Glas Maol.

Too windy for the Sunnyside Chair, left for an interesting tow through the peat on the Sunnyside Poma.

View out over Meall Odhar to Glas Maol from high on the Cairnwell.

The view across Glenshee Ski Area, from the top of the Cairnwell it was hard to believe anything was skiable, let alone the excellent snow by the Fionn Pomas.

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From carpark Sunnyside and the lower Cairnwell looked grim, from high on the Cairnwell it was hard to imagine that there could be any skiing on what you saw beyond on Sunnyside towards Meall Odhar.

However hidden away was buried snow fences and fence to fence packed powder in Coire Fionn, unfortunately high winds prevented the Sunnyside Chair from running and that left the Sunnyside Pomas for getting up the largely snowless Sunnyside. At least it kept most people away from Coire Fionn!
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