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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 26th October 2002
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The M1 Race Hut, and behind tacked up powder on the East Lady!

A sudden gust whips up the fresh snow on the Traverse.

Making tracks for the Cas, from the Traverse.

Are we dreaming... an almost sureal view from the M1 Race Track.

Elephent Fences on the White Lady already half buried.

The lower 105 and Cas Cunbarrel, 105 best option, pisted all the way to M1 Loading Area.

Piste Basher sits near the Top Station. Unfortunately high winds closed the Ciste Tow.

October on CairnGorm Mountain - Looking up the 'Gorm from the Daylodge.

Wow!! What a way to start the season. Looking up the Ciste Tow.

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For the first time since 1992 CairnGorm Mountain has started the season before October's out with the 2003 season underway on the 26th of October 2002!

In 1992 the date was the 17th, CairnGorm's earliest start, but that day only the Ciste Fairway was complete. 10yrs and five days later, the M1 Poma is in action on day 1 of the season, with most middle runs skiable, though only the M1, Traverse/Cas/Zig Zags pisted.

A superb start though to the season, blue sky, fresh powdery snow, in October, and even untracked powder to carve up on the East Lady! Not bad for the first morning of the season!

Little did we know at the time though, October 2002 was to prove the ultimate Skiers Folly. The 2003 season was CairnGorm Mountain's worst on record, there were only two more snow falls of any note all winter, and the main one of them in early Feb was obliterated by record breaking temperatures in just 48hours, leaving us skiing on Octobers snow through a almost completely dry second half of Feb, March and April!
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CairnGorm Mountain

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