pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 8th February 2003
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Looking grim, the middle slopes largely devoid of snow, viewed from the Fiacaill Ridge.

Running out snow on the Zig Zags.

The traverse from the Ptarmigan Tow from the Restaurant, well pisted but narrow.

Heading for home on the Fiacaill Ridge!

The Traverse has a full fence depth of snow.

Where now, running out of snow on the Ridge.

In the good old days we walked up, nowadays we walk down.... The only way to the M1 is to hike.

Complete but narrow....

A rather sorry sight, the M1 and White Lady from the Zig Zags.

Daylodge Poma and Run, the other route down via the M2.

Phew! Preparing for a safe Landing!

Oh S**t!!!

A good sized kicker beside the 105, about 5ft.

The Upper Cas from the 105, best sport on Sunday, but fairly hard once fresh snow skied out.

The sun comes out, the Traverse from top of the M1.

The lower Traverse looking to the Cas Tow, best cover on the mountain.

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The M2/Daylodge route provides reasonable sport for the experts, but the Daylodge run itself is very narrow and broken at the bottom, however along with the Fiacaill Ridge, provides a couple of somewhat challenging alternatives. Getting down the Ridge or Daylodge requires due care and diligence, using narrow strips of snow only a couple of feet wide in places! Be careful...

The M1 Poma can not be regained on snow, a short walk is required from the Zig Zags across the Gunbarrel.

Photos by Winterhighland.
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CairnGorm Mountain

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