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Other Highlands - Mon 7th May 2012
Posted by: Guest at 17.44hrs on Sat 19th May 12
:: Trails or Routes & Location Mountain Biking
Tarbet (Loch Nevis) - north shore path of Loch Morar - Morar - Mallaig
:: Weather Conditions
Sea side sunshine
:: Track Conditions & Additional Information
Landrover track from Tarbet to Swordland, slightly boggy in the area of the house itself. Then a mixture of broad and narrow single track to Bracorina. Tarmac beyond to Morar and Mallaig.

Fantastic if at times somewhat hair raising loch side riding. Some sections have a considerable degree of exposure. There are short bike hiking sections - including one round a cliff on the loch shore. There are also a couple of landslips. Most of the main difficulties can be seen in advance.

Its an out and back ride, West to East is the better direction in my opinion. Also means you get an idea of what is coming next.

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